About Us:

Dawson Truck Parts is a one stop shopping center for collision parts for both imported and domestic trucks in the Class 5 to 8 category since 1992. We offer a wide range of brands and products giving you the flexibility to choose most suitable product of highest quality with best prices. Our multiple warehouses within and outside Dallas allows us to be direct factory point of sale for all of our product line, namely, Hoods, Bumpers, Grilles, Fenders, Headlights, Mirrors, Doors, Radiators, Charge Air-Coolers and many other truck parts like Tank Steps, Air dams, Fan Shrouds, etc.

Prime Locations:

  • Dallas, Texas (Can show a picture of map with our location in front of it)
  • Erie, PA (Can show a picture of map with our location in front of it)


  • Good Quality Products
  • Customer Ease and Satisfaction
  • Easy Shipping (option of same day shipping available on request)
  • Reasonable and Discounted Prices

Dawson Truck Parts assures to provide you the highest quality products within

Our Customer’s Satisfaction is the Prime Key for our Progress!

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